Terms of purchase

  1. In the situations specified in the Regulations, the Operator shall charge the Customer a Fee or Penalty in accordance with the Payment Method selected by the Customer.
  2. Penalties and Fees imposed on the Customer add up.
  3. If the Customer's Account is blocked, the funds for the unused Subscription time of that Customer, will be used for Penalties or Fees or to cover the Costs of repair or replacement of damaged parts of the Bike.
  4. If the funds referred to in para. 9.3, are not sufficient to cover the amounts due from the Customer to the Operator, the Customer shall be obliged to pay the remaining amounts due in the manner and by the date indicated by the Operator.
  5. The Operator will Block the Account of a Customer whose Payment Method or funds available on the selected Payment Method will not allow the collection of the equivalent of the Fee and/or Penalty. In order to remove the Account Lock, the Customer must first pay the amounts due to the Operator in the manner and within the timeframe indicated by the Operator.
  6. The Customer shall be responsible for providing the Account (including the Account access data) to a third party, including the Customer's obligation to incur Fees and/or Penalties for the use of the Service through this Account by the third party.
  7. The Customer shall be liable and undertake to pay all fines and public charges imposed on the Customer during the Rental Period.